Simulations in eLearning

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Today, simulations are the buzz word in the elearning scenario. While learner dropout is still high in elearning courses and elearning industry is trying very hard to engage its learners, there are several instructional approaches used to engage learners and increase retention. One such approach is simulations. Read more…

Instructional Interactivity

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Interactivity is an overused term in the e-learning industry. Every e-learning course claims to be highly ‘interactive.’ The objective of this article is to:

  • Introduce the concept of instructional interactivity.
  • Uncover the myths associated with instructional interactivity.
  • Discuss the four components of instructional interactivity.
  • Describe the characteristics of good instructional interactivity.

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Which Strategy Would You Pick?

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Course Title: Dealing with Conflict at the Workplace

Learner Analysis


  • Age: 25-40
  • Male/female ratio: 1:1
  • Language: American English
  • Educational Background: Graduates and Post graduates

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