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Formally using Informal Learning – An initiative

As a learning solutions company, we emphasize a lot on internal learning and training sessions. Typically we allocate 1-2 days a week of 1.5 hrs each to these sessions. One among us presents the session and we have a discussion around it. People find these sessions extremely valuable as a lot of learning and sharing happens during the sessions.

Over time, there have been certain challenges in driving the sessions. Most of our people are very active on the web; they blog, tweet, are on Facebook, part of groups on LinkedIn and are active contributors as well. Read more…

Four Ways to Encourage Social Learning Without Web 2.0 Tools

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Many companies are reluctant to invest in social learning using the Web 2.0 tools. You can try and convince your clients about its power and usefulness. But this may not be the only thing stopping IDs from using Web 2.0 tools. In India, Internet and Web 2.0 tools are accessible to very small percentage of learners. Read more…

Informal Learning – 7 Reasons Why Organizations Must Promote it

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Informal learning is also known also social learning and collaborative learning (Read about it: What is Social Learning? by Rupa. As defined by Jay Cross, “Informal learning is unofficial, unscheduled, impromptu, way people learn to do their job.” How often have you heard people talk business during social gatherings? Students discuss what was taught in class outside. People share their thoughts on interesting reads during coffee breaks. Read more…

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