Replace laser pointers with mobile devices in your next classroom presentation!

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Recently, we came across a situation where a facilitator wanted to control a Flash based presentation in a classroom remotely.  The facilitator found it hard to navigate the Flash presentation using a laser pointer. This was a serious issue since the facilitator kept moving around the room and it was practically impossible for him to come back to the laptop to move to the next slide nor did he have anybody in the room who could have helped him navigate through the presentation.

There were a few alternatives possible such as a wireless mouse or a wireless keyboard. But considering the fact that we live in an era of tablets, touch screens and smart phones, we explored the option of using mobile devices to control the presentation.

We identified three different ways to use mobile devices in such situations:  Read more…

Designing a Rural Retail Training

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As educators, trainers, and learning professionals, we have a larger responsibility of ensuring that training and learning programs have a long-term and life-changing impact on learners. At the end of the day, the goal of any learning program is to ensure that the program meets the short-term goals and achieves long-term objectives as well.

Let us review a case study about how Kern designed and implemented a rural retail training program for a client. The significant take aways from this case study are -

- The detailed research phase and insights from this phase
- The significance of brainstorming during the design phase
- The critical role of the implementation roadmap

However, the most satisfying aspect of the program is its consequence. The training program brought about social change in the villages!

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Wanted “thinking” graphic designers

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What does it mean, when SME or ID provides a reference in the storyboard and says ‘recreate this graphic using this image as a reference’? In the following example we first see the original reference provided by SME as well as the graphic ‘recreated’ by a graphic designer.

Original reference provided by a SME, considering he/she is not a ‘graphic designer’, is worth appreciating. BUT…

Reference provided by SME

Reference provided by SME

…What this graphic designer did with that reference raises many questions and concerns.  Read more…

Mobile Learning

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Mobile is a small device with multiple uses such as making calls, messaging, playing games, listening to music, taking photos, and so on. And the latest additions to this list are mobile banking, mobile shopping, and mobile healthcare.

Reflect on these questions:

  • Do you know anybody in your team who does not have a mobile phone?
  • Do you send regular updates to your team using your mobile phone?
  • Do you communicate with your team by calling them on their cell?
  • Do you find it easier to reach your team member using the phone or through email?
  • Can you check your emails on your phone?
  • Can you read news, blogs, or surf the Internet on your phone?

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Why and How to Design Custom Learning for ILT?

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You must of heard of phrases such as tailor-made, custom training, and so on. What do these really mean? Custom learning means that learning is designed keeping in mind the learning environment, the learners’ needs, and the organization goals. But shouldn’t all types of training take these into account? The answer is NO. Most non-custom or off-the-shelf ILT do not factor in these parameters.

But why should you opt for custom learning for instructor-led training (ILT)? To answer this question, let us take a look at the difference between custom learning and non-custom learning.

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Introducing Lionsher – Simple & Most Affordable LMS

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The new year 2011 has started on a high note for Kern. We are delighted to announce the launch of Lionsher – the most affordable LMS in the world. While traditional learning management systems cost $10,000 upwards, Lionsher offers the online SaaS-based platform starting at $60.

Lionsher is designed for mid-sized corporate, departments within large corporate, educational institutions, training companies, capacity building non-profit companies, and individual trainers to gain maximum advantage of online training with minimum administrative hassle and zero capital expenditure.

Today, Lionsher is the ‘most affordable’ LMS in the world. While traditional learning management systems cost $10,000 upwards, Lionsher offers the online platform at extremely attractive price plans. Lionsher pricing starts at:

  • $60 per month for 50 users
  • $225 per  month for 200 users
  • $1000 per month for 1000 users

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Designing a Campus Presentation

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One of our clients, a leading FMCG company in India, approached us to design their campus presentation. They wanted to present an innovative, vibrant Flash presentation to the campuses rather than a staid PowerPoint presentation. The key reasons they approached us were:

  1. They liked the work that we showcased in our eLearning portfolio.
  2. Campus presentations require good instructional design. It is important to convey the relevant message in the right sequence. Most agencies do not focus on this area.
  3. They wanted a professional, classy look. They wanted to work with a team that is brilliant with Flash programming, visual design and communication design.

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NO Next & Back buttons!

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Yesterday Tracy Bissette posted a challenge on Twitter. “Don’t use next & back buttons in our course strategies. Design an immersive environment with inherent navigation.”

I remember working on a course four years back. The course was ‘Dealing with Conflict at the Workplace.’ This was designed to sensitize young managers in IT companies about how to deal with conflict at their workplace. Read more…

Best of Learnability Matters – Most Informative and Popular Posts

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As promised, we have compiled the list of most informative and popular posts. Once we started digging our archives, it was immensely satisfying to realize that it was a really, really tough task to choose certain posts over others. The following list is based on the highest number of comments, highest number of retweets, and applicability of information. We thoroughly enjoyed revisiting the journey so far. Hope you find this list useful too!

Kern’s Best Practices

  1. Evaluation of Training – A Critique of Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Model
  2. Kern’s Learning Evaluation Methodology
  3. Learner Centered Methodology – A New Approach to Effective Learning
  4. Learnability Testing of Online Courses
  5. Personas in eLearning
  6. Three Ways to Test Effectiveness Without Learners
  7. Usability in eLearning
  8. The How and Why of Contextual Inquiry
  9. Testing eLearning Products
  10. Learning Solutions Demystified
  11. Problem Solving Through Training Needs Analysis – A Myth

Instructional Design

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Call Center Application Tutorial for Standard Chartered Bank

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The application tutorial development for Standard Chartered Bank was a challenging and interesting exercise for Kern. It was challenging because Kern’s usability team had designed the single screen application – a migration from their old legacy system. Read more…

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